Thursday, March 23, 2006

Paul Cella... "The Unremarked Revolution", has a fine essay over at Redstate, in which he catalogues conservative disappointment with George Bush:

...the center-right governing coalition cobbled together by George W. Bush has, as many times as not, advanced the cause of Liberalism against the settled resistance of the America people...Bush has taken steps toward the nationalization of education...He has reduced fiscal conservatism to a faction without a party...Under his watch, under his wars, the once-strong and vocal resistance to the feminization of the military has been rendered inert and voiceless. We are a nation that sends its mothers, sisters, daughters to war — and brings them home in body bags — and no one says a word about it...Our government cannot prosecute terrorists; it cannot organize disaster relief; it cannot protect our territorial sovereignty; it cannot manage airline security...

There's more. It reminds me of certain discomforts I've mentioned here from time to time, but to see it all in one place sinks one deeper into one's seat.

You all know Paul, but I'd like to remind you of the other editors at Enchiridion Militis, and to recommend their websites:

A couple of them - Steve Burton and Lydia McGrew - also contribute to Right Reason along with such eminences as Edward Feser (who has a three-part series up on the justness of the war in Iraq, which I'm hoping Zippy will sink his teeth into), Francis Beckwith, Roger Kimball, and Roger Scruton. Lydia also has her own website where you can read more about her and probably come to the same conclusion as I: that she seems rather an extraordinary woman.

Michael Brendan Dougherty needs no introduction to readers of this site.

Daniel Larison blogs at Eunomia, and in one of his posts takes on Mr. Feser's take on the war.

Jeff Martin blogs at Maximos662.

Josh Trevino, an energetic fellow, has his own site, but often crossposts at Redstate, of which he is a co-founder, and runs yet a third place called Tacitus. Leon Wolf is also an editor at Redstate.

All are smart, talented, and well-informed, which is why I don't understand what I'm doing in their company.

Speaking of which qualities, I'd like to thank TSO for including me in Spanning the Globe this week. I don't know what I'm doing there, either, but I'm glad to be a part of it.

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