Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Terri Tales

If you're interested in keeping up with Michael Schiavo, if you need to hear his voice just one more time, or find it moving that he chokes up with tears at his own assertion that Terri will always be with him, you can go here and watch an interview in living color, or read the transcript and listen to Keith Olberman lob such softballs as:

Do you think that some of the politicians were sincere but mistaken, as opposed to merely trying to make an opportunity for themselves out of this or make an opportunity for [a] certain aspect of the political spectrum? Was there anybody in this who was just sincerely mistaken?

In which the questioner presumes that those who wished to save Terri's life were mistaken. Michael says no; none were sincere. Well, says Olberman, The people who opposed your position on this clearly politicized Terri‘s life and Terri‘s death... and wonders if Michael might now be accused of the same transgression with the grand opening of his new website,
No, Michael doesn't think he's being political; he just wants to "hold these people accountable."

These people should not have done what they had done...I mean... look at the polls, 80 percent, 87 percent of the people disagreed with what these politicians did. They walked into somebody‘s personal lives and took over.

I think he means they tried to take over, since the courts pretty much gave Michael what he wanted. Maybe they tried because, like me, they thought the commission of murder was not a right protected by the umbrella of one's personal life. But I should probably shutup now since I'm in the 20 %.

If you go to Michael's website, you'll find out that Mel Martinez - former Orange County Chairman (or something) here in Orlando, former Cabinet level something during George Bush's first term, now U.S. Senator from Florida, and (when he's in town) an attendee at my Catholic parish - has changed his mind. He says now "it was a mistake to become involved. Martinez, who has just completed his first year in office, led the Senate charge pushing a bill that would have given federal courts jurisdiction to reinstate Terri Schiavo's feeding tubes." He thinks now that these things "really belong in state courts, not federal courts." Since the state courts were all in favor of killing her, that's what we call a 180. I guess he didn't really want to save her after all, especially if it means being counted among the piddling 20%. He had me fooled. But not no more. He's gotten my last vote, and if I see him in church, he'll be just another cafeteria catholic.

And if you visit Terri's ex-husband's website (he's remarried now, since death did part him from Terri) you'll also find out that Sen. Bill Frist has undergone a similar change of heart, what with congressional elections coming up this year. That 20%'s a killer.

So if you think that sometime in the future you might need to pull a relative's feeding tube, or even bump him off in some speedier and more merciful fashion, you can go to Michael's website and help him out. He's taking donations. You can buy his book, too. It claims to tell the truth about Terri.


Michael Brendan Dougherty said...

Keith Olberman is awful. He takes any chance to jump all over religious people. He likes to use Mencken as his model. Too bad for Keith, Mencken hated liberal do-gooders as much or more than priests.

I saw that Keith would be interviewing Michael Schiavo and I decided to leave MSNBC off that night - but I did think of you and wondered what you would say.

One last thought that goes out to the American people- that big 80%. Mencken said that American democracy means the people get what they want, good and hard.

Ellyn said...

I watched despite my better judgment. What a creep.

William Luse said...

Hey, a couple of visitors. Howdy. Guess what. I agree with you both. Olberman used to be mildly amusing when he manned the sports desk at ESPN. Should have stayed there.