Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spanning O'Rama

He says: Fasting, if nothing else, teaches how much of our "goodness" is simply bodily satisfaction mistaken as such.

That's about right. Exactly right, actually. And bodily satisfaction depends upon financial plenitude. Interrupt it and people get irritable. Marriages fall apart. Your children won't talk to you. Me, I'm a regular grump on Fridays during Lent. Grumpier than usual, anyway. Not because I'm starving. Lord knows our 'official' fasting disciplines are almost nonexistent. They'd make our ancestors laugh. No, it's that I'm accustomed to eating meat for breakfast. Pork sausage. I want my meat and I don't like it when I can't have it. I could take the edge off by sucking down some Pauli Girls, but that seems like cheating. God must want me to suffer the deprivation in good grace or, at the very least, to grouse about it. I've figured out the prayer of my heart during Lent (and all the year round): Dear Jesus, please don't mess with my routine.


Steven said...

Dear Mr. Luse,

There are some surprisingly good vegetal forms of said sausage having the advantage of soy isoflavones and other goodnesses. But even if so, you probably recoil from the very idea of faux-sausage (perhaps rightfully so). Moreover, it does rather violate the spirit, if not the letter, doesn't it?



William Luse said...

First you get me all excited about trying the veggie stuff (if it's even close in flavor I'd try it) then take it away by telling me I'd be cheating if I did. Man, I can't catch a break.