Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Joy of Sex...for your kids

Does anyone know the relationship between Planned Parenthood of America and the International Planned Parenthood Federation? Because in the course of that latter organization's Declaration - Exclaim! Young People's Guide to Sexual Rights - we find this:

One of the most fundamental challenges of working from a rights-based perspective is finding the balance between young people’s right to be protected and their right to participate and take responsibility for exercising their own rights. Since each young person develops at their own pace, there is no universal age at which certain sexual rights and protections gain or lose importance. Therefore, striking the balance between protection and autonomy should be based on the evolving capacities of each individual young person.

That's just a sampling of the horror. I'd like to do more analysis but, lacking time, can think of nothing to hurl but obscene epithets. Does PPA subscribe to this? Does President Obama - who, when PPA pronounces on "reproductive health" and sexual morality, listens with the sort of rapt adoration you and I might bring to Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount - subscribe to it?

An analysis of the document at WND.

Hat tip for the link to an extraordinarily fine woman.


Lydia McGrew said...

Planned Parenthood and other such organizations have for a long time distributed obscene material to minors. You may have heard about the outcry over a sexually explicit booklet distributed to girls by International Planned Parenthood in collusion with the Girl Scouts. This happened several years ago. "Sexuality education" had been outright obscene for a long time and has always been about the alleged rights of minor to have sex.

The elephant in the room, of course, is how this relates to pedophilia. What if a 9-year-old girl allegedly consents to and desires sex with an adult male? On what basis do those who have been celebrating her sexual freedom lock the man up if he has sex with her?

The standard answer is that leftists oppose "differences of power" between those involved in sexual acts. Hence, we're supposed to believe that all this sexual experience they are urging young people to have is only with other young people so close in age that there is no such "difference of power" between them. Interestingly, this nonetheless involves ignoring the statutory rape laws of many states, not all of which have a "Romeo and Juliet" exception, as it's called.

To put it mildly, liberal belief in avoiding "differences of power" is an extremely thin reed on which to lean when it comes to the outright endorsement of sex between adults and children, especially when one adds in the continual talk of "evolving capacities of each young person." After all, there is often a difference of power between a 19-year-old and a 40-year-old as well, yet it is possible for a 19-year-old legally to marry a 40-year-old. The persistent and deliberate avoidance of the concept of an age of consent will, I predict, in the end break down liberal resistance to sex between adults and children.

William Luse said...

Reading the thing made me sick to the point of speechless. This is an organization concocted by the Devil himself, and those who support it do his bidding.