Monday, May 04, 2009

Mass of Reparation

From Catholic Online:

The Orlando Diocese, where Thomas G. Wenski is bishop, has announced a Mass of reparation for "the many shortcomings and transgressions committed against the dignity and sacredness of human life in our world," specifically for Notre Dame's decision to honor pro-abortion President Obama at commencement. The Mass is taking place at the Cathedral of St. James on May 3, 2009.

In a column on the Orlando Diocese website, Bishop Wenski writes, "Notre-Dame (at least in its Administration and Board) has forgotten what it means to be Catholic. Last year, in Washington, D.C., Pope Benedict XVI addressed Catholic educators, including university presidents," wrote the bishop. "He said 'to justify positions that contradict the faith and teaching of the Church would obstruct or even betray the university's identity and mission. Father Jenkins, Notre-Dame's president, must have nodded off during the Pope's speech," he concluded.

I didn't even know about it. My friend in Atlanta, Rick Barnett, told me by email, just as an aside: "Kudos to your Bishop for offering that Mass, etc." What Mass? I don't know about no Mass. I went to the evening Mass with the wife and a daughter and it turned out to be that Mass. So there I was in the middle of it while he said flat-out what kind of pro-abort Obama was and dinged Notre Dame for being of the world rather than merely in it. Kind of cool. Problem was, the acoustics for music in the cathedral are great, but not for a sermon. Only certain kinds of voices come through clearly unless you're sitting in the front row. Still, when he was done, he received nearly universal applause. Bernadette said she saw a few people on the other side of the church shaking their heads angrily. Oh well. I wondered about the black family sitting right in front of me, but when the Bishop sat down, they clapped along with everyone else.

Still, the whole mess is cause for minor depression. Though the church was better attended than usual for a 6 p.m. service, there were still some empty seats. The number of Catholics who are deeply disturbed by Notre Dame's treachery are probably quite few.

The Bishop's column at the Diocesan website.

[Update: Amy Welborn at Beliefnet has linked to this pitiful post. If I'd known she was going to do it, I'd have gone into way more detail. Hell, I'd make stuff up. I hope a couple of you will take the trouble to leave enough comments to outnumber the idiots who seem to enjoy plaguing her. I know she's tough and all but a woman who's just lost her husband shouldn't be bothered by anyone for at least a year. You know, just shutup for a while.]

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