Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Issue 2 of The Christendom Review... now up. (Yes, I should have posted this yesterday.)

The Special Features section takes a look at the legacy of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. People who actually knew her - including the priest who delivered her funeral sermon - are the ones doing the looking.

In The Modern Error, Lydia McGrew revisits the legal sham (imho) that delivered Terri Schiavo to her Maker. This is the only analysis I know of that uses all of the eyewitness testimony from the original 2000 trial as source material. (The transcripts of that testimony can be found at Lydia's website the only place online - again, as far as I know - where it is gathered in one place.) I think the article's of a groundbreaking nature, but don't expect to see it lauded in major new outlets. At least you'll know that the truth is out there.

There is also a mix of fiction and poetry (I especially like Bill Miles' short story, Chocky's Debut; Bill's an interesting character and you'll no doubt be hearing more from him) and a sampling of Tim Jones' brilliant artwork.

Please read it and, if you're able, support the site by purchasing a softcover book version at the link provided under "Support this Site" in the left margin. And link to the Review from your own website if you like what you see and want it to continue. Some have already done so, like Dylan and TSO, and I'll find the rest of you in due course. (Well, maybe. If any of you know of folks who have done so, please alert me so that I can thank them.)

I can't sufficiently express my gratitude (first) to Lydia McGrew for her investigative efforts, "elegant mind", and the sheer intrepidity of her devotion to finishing a task; and secondly to Todd McKimmey, whose brilliance with regard to all things Web makes the site possible.

First Things has linked to the Review, for which we are greatly appreciative; and Paul Cella did us a similar kindness by linking from Redstate and W4.


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