Saturday, January 17, 2009


Had forgotten about this group before stumbling upon this. My contemporaries used to bad-mouth them because they were neither hip nor dirty nor drug-ridden enough. But the girls could sing, and the group achieved enormous popularity. Their videos on Youtube have had millions of hits. That's a nice head of golden Swedish hair on the one girl. Problem is I have a thing for brunettes, the more raven-haired the better. Don't know why.

Fernando and The Winner Takes it All

While we're at Youtube, TSO offers one by a couple of creative grad student types on the necessity of good grammar in Youtube comments. This particular plague, I can assure them, is epidemic across the internet.


dylan said...


Did you see the recent film, Mamma Mia, containing about 3 million songs by ABBA? It was a bit of a chick flick, but tolerable, I suppose. Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan starred, along with a lovely blonde twentysomething newcomer named Amanda Seyfried (sp?).

Meryl can sing! Pierce not so much.

wl said...

Nope, but if Meryl Streep's in it, I probably will. I'm shocked that Pierce can't sing. :~)

Anonymous said...

OK, I admit it, I saw the broadway show (in San Francisco a number of years ago). The story line and even lyrics are cringeworthy, but I couldn't help but have fun with the music. I'd forgotten about ABBA for years, just a vague memory of songs played at the public swimming pool when I was a kid.

wl said...

At least you got out of San Francisco alive.

TS said...

ABBA's everybody's guilty pleasure. G. Gordon Liddy's favorite band btw.

wl said...

G. Gordon Liddy. I'll bet he and Zippy could find some things to disagree about. Other than ABBA, of course.