Thursday, December 21, 2006

Home for Christmas

One daughter, the dancer, is already here.

The other will be here soon. With the dog.

This won't happen every year. So I take it one year at a time. This is a good year.


TS said...

What's that in Bern's hand?

William Luse said...

A cellphone, what else? She's hugging the dog, posing for the picture, and texting her boyfriend all at the same time.

Susan said...

Hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas!!

Headed to Cape Canaveral for the day where a friend's mother gives us poetry assignments every year. This year's topic: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

Reminds me of the mouse poetry contest. :)

Merry merry Christmas.

Richard said...

In the category of "a question with no answer": which one is The Last Good Woman?

(Ha - pardon my weak attempt at humor.)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

William Luse said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by. I believe you won that contest, and, you never know, we might have another.
I would like to see your finished "assignment", btw.

Richard, the Last Good Woman is not visible here, but these two are good'uns nonetheless.

Susan said...

I won. Fifty bucks.
It's here:

William Luse said...

And deservedly so, though I wish you'd pay more attention to meter.

How's this? :

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
But couldn't sell it for she never knew
That the previous tenant had stepped in dog-do.

Tell Marci's mom she can send the check to me c/o Valencia.

I see the Critiquery's address has changed, and that you have a lot of blog stuff going, including the autobio. Admirably energetic. And that your Myspace details have your status as 'married' and your orientation as 'straight.' Good, those two go well together. And that your 'religion' (your state of mind, actually) is agnostic, and that you don't smoke but do drink. Well, at least you got one of those last two right. I still have the autobiography, which I promise to fit in between grading sessions next semester to serve as a relief from the other stuff.

Ellyn said...

What a lovely group...even the dog is adorable!

William Luse said...

Especially the dog.

Susan said...

I have my share of opinions and beliefs. I choose "agnostic" because I don't like to be categorized. It's kind of like saying that my political party is "no affiliation." Sure, I don't get to vote on most things during the primaries, but it cuts down on the amount of spam/junk mail.

And when I read the poem, the meter is fine. It's all about rhythm.
Hope you enjoyed your family time.

I like the dog doo poem... funny.
But don't hold your breath waiting for that check. :)

William Luse said...

You're categorized as agnostic. For God's sake woman, commit to something.

Family time ends tomorrow. Dancer girl goes away again. Sad end to a happy holiday.

Btw, name a couple of recent movies that I really should see.

Susan said...

Little Miss Sunshine (wonderful)
The Departed and Blood Diamond (or so I hear)
The Queen (amazing... if only for the likenesses, save for Prince Charles- I don't think they'd ever be able to find someone who resembles him.)

I've been told not to believe the hype behind Babel.

And I liked Stranger Than Fiction, although I would have liked the ending better had it gone the other way.

Of all of the ones I mentioned, I believe Little Miss Sunshine is the only one out on DVD right now.

William Luse said...

Wife and kids saw Little Miss Sunshine and loved it. Some busy work kept me from joining in. Will re-rent.
Read somewhere that Blood Diamonds, though perhaps well done, is completely ahistorical. Will wait on that one. Haven't heard of the others, but will investigate. Twas hoping to see that Borak thing, for I enjoy seeing sacred cows bled upon the altar, but reports are coming in that it's really quite filthy in parts, so will have to wait for further info.

TS said...

Borak received an ignomious "O" on the Catholic bishops website.

William Luse said...

Yeah, but did you see it anyway?