Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'll be gone for another week. You'll get by.

Elder daughter's still in town, and me and the dog are having a protracted lovefest. I've hugged the daughter a couple times too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,

Wow, long weeks. You must work in geologic time.



William Luse said...

Thanks for checking in anyway, Steven.

Yes, I seem to fade in and out; fading away completely takes time. At least I'm not totally gone, unlike Jeff Culbreath. (It appears some trad has taken over his web address - it's too weird so I had to delete it from bookmarks).

I learned in college that, if geologic time since the origin of life were compressed into a single calendar year, man's history on this planet occupies about the last 5 seconds. So the history of my blog occupies .0000156 seconds. I like keeping things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

It appears some trad has taken over his web address...

There is something a bit unsavory about that.

William Luse said...

I should be clear that the "weird" applied to seeing someone else at that address. I don't know whether his tradness is weird or not. Blog-city's a free service. How hard is it to start your own? I guess he was trying to pick up some of Jeff's audience. But to me it was Jeff's place and will never be anyone else's.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have no idea about the content, it just seems like the wrong sort of thing to do independent of the content.