Friday, August 26, 2005

Miss Luse Found

Intrepid undercover investigative blogger reporter (scuse me while I catch my breath)TS O'Rama finally pulled it off, and puts up a nice post about meeting my kid, picture included, though with himself cut out of it, leaving his mug still a mystery to most. And no, TS, "You'll do better tomorrow" is not condescending. It's the perfect thing to say because it's about the only thing you can say.

Update: She won't make the cut because of yesterday's round, but today, Friday, she shot 68, hitting 13 fairways and 18 greens and not a bogey on the card. It's a good way to head into the next tournament. She's back in the family.


Mama T said...

Man, what a comeback on the second round!!!

Will she ever play in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

William Luse said...

Not this year I don't think. You can always get the schedule from the LPGA website. Lucky for us, though, (if she's still on tour) there's one next year right here in Orlando.