Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The LPGA's

in Dublin, Ohio this week for the Wendy's Championship, where the most significant event of the week may well be the moment that Bernadette gets to meet the celebrated blogger, Mr. TS O'Rama. Daddy (moi) couldn't be there, but TS will find her considerably...more pleasant to look at. I will expect a report on the experience via his blog.

On Tuesday Bern played a practice round with veteran Rosie Jones, who told Bern's caddy something to the effect that the girl was going to be great as soon as she learned to trust herself. Ever heard that before, Bern? Huh?

The LPGA now has a front page link to that reality TV show starring Bern, Carin Koch, and others.

On this page you can see Bern in the macromedia photo gallery on the right, pictures number 4 and 8. Macromedia won't let me save the pictures to my computer, unless someone can tell me how to do it.

Anyway, good luck, child.


TS said...

Be great if she had a breakthru tournament right here in my hometown. Here's hoping for the best! Plus she'll be in a better mood when she meets me.

In number 8 it looks like she hasn't touched her drink. A martini is a terrible thing to waste.

William Luse said...

She doesn't drink during competition. She's a better woman than I.

TS said...

I find a drink or two helps my game. But then I'm no pro.

William Luse said...

I'm a washed-up pro, so I don't care what drink does to my game.