Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday Thought - The High Ground

I'd like to go to the mountains one day,
Up where the air is cool and clear;
It should not matter if I lose my way
With the starlight close and the moon drawn near.

I'll pitch camp with my back to the trees,
A refuge from the storm and snow;
When it's spent I'll turn my face to the breeze
And cast my line in the stream below.

At night the fire will keep me warm,
Its orange gleam caught in a panther's eye;
The darkness shields his mortal form,
Ordaining he must, for now, pass by.

My senses shall return full fair;
Within arm's reach I'll touch the sky,
My thoughts take flight and mount the air
To circle above the hawk on high.

The heartbeat of the fleeing deer,
The snowy owl's hushed and beating wings -
Nothing shall escape my ear,
But I'll not linger upon these things.

Having been called to ascend the heights,
My abbey will the mountain be,
A palace cold of snow and ice,
Its windows on eternity.

I see them far off behind the haze
Rising from this lower domain,
Like vapors rank of ruinous days
Where yet of love mere shards remain.

I cannot choose not to stay;
Like most I cannot love alone;
Here I'll abide that chosen day
When calls the Love I have not known.



TS said...

I liked this a lot. The last couple of stanzas packed a wallop. And of course by rhyming you took the high ground.

Good to see you posting again.

TS said...

Saw your "Tribute to Bernadette" again and I thought it a touch ironic you were teaching her how to throw a baseball like a boy when she would end up playing golf better than just about any boy out there. Had you a son likely he wouldn't be half the athlete she is.

William Luse said... rhyming you took the high ground. I got it. :~)

Yes, she's quite the natural. And thanks for reading it (and the poem).

Jeff said...

I really like this one, Bill. And I don't take well to poetry, usually. You need to get that book printed. I still know a good printer.

William Luse said...

Thanks Jeff. You need to either fill out a blogger profile or use "other" when you comment. Right now the link to your name goes nowhere. And people should visit Hallowed Ground. If you right click on my name for this comment, and then properties, you'll see that it points to my website, not my profile.