Thursday, July 21, 2005

Should a blogger get off a good word-lick, he thinks, hopes and prays he might get into Spanning the Globe. When he does, it's often not for the utterance he thought would do the trick, but for one least expected. Picking up with that theme, TS, it's really a much graver affair: I think people ought to visit here out of respect for the dead.

Oh. He's got a nice poem to Mary up, called Valley of Tears.


TS said...

STG is single most overrated honor of all time - and I'm sort of proud of that. And I'm honored that you care.

Nice shot of Bern. Would sure like to have read that article in the Denver Post.

William Luse said...

The article was nice but it was the pictures that got me. One showed all these kids handing her hats and T-shirts to autograph. You should have seen their faces.