Friday, December 25, 2015

Sorry to interrupt the Christmas cheer...

..but what the hell is wrong with people? From Yahoo:
A couple in Ecuador is making history with a unique pregnancy: The father-to-be is carrying the baby of his transgender partner.
I know; it's confusing. It works like this: Diane Rodriguez, the mother, is a transgendered male with the birth name Luis. Fernando, the father, is a transgendered female with the birth name Maria. Fernando the father is pregnant with Diane the mother's baby. This is possible because both mom and dad have their original genital equipment. The mother, who is actually the father (and wears the dress in the family) penetrated the father, who is actually the mother (and wears the pants in the family) in a normal act of heterosexual intercourse. (I hope I'm not making this harder to follow). Says Rodriguez,
We're trying to break the myths about transsexuality.
Well, Diane, if you'd both had sex-reassignment surgery and then conceived, I would call that myth-breaking. Miraculous even. As it is, no myths are being broken and (contrary to the AP writer) no history is being made other than that which has preceded the conception of every human being since Eve first gave Adam the come-hither look. It's called copulation between male and female. Your "husband's" pregnancy - far from reversing any known stereotype - pays tribute to the necessity of such a pairing. It was your masculinity that made it possible. Diane. Along with your husband's - Fernando's - femininity. The gender myth-busting is going on only inside your head, not in the real world.

I wish the best for your child. My only concern, of course, is that he will have to grow up calling his mommy 'daddy' and his daddy 'mommy.' Your hope, no doubt, is that one day he will come to appreciate the pioneering, myth-breaking labor into which he has been conscripted without consent. My wish, on the other hand, is that there were a law that would stop people like you from conceiving a child just so that you can start screwing him up as soon as he exits his daddy's womb. By the way, will daddy be breastfeeding or bottle-feeding the little tyke?

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