Thursday, August 02, 2012

Conscience appreciation day

Purely coincidental to current events, I began buying Chik - Fil- A gift cards on a regular basis a couple of months ago. My wife loves the place. According to this yahoo story, it seems that Chik outlets around the nation did a pretty brisk business yesterday, August 1, which was Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day. Even the lone outlet in Chicago did well. That's the city in which mayoral domo Rahm Emmanuel proclaimed that the Chik founder's values were not Chicago's. I guess he felt confident enough speaking for all Chicagoans to declare the city no longer Christian. Nancy French of Patheos shows us what the drive-thru looked like in Columbia, Tennessee. Here in Orlando, stores were packed. As a countermeasure, says the Sentinel, "The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, meanwhile, is promoting a National Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A restaurants on Friday."

How sweet. This is what's coming, by the way, as mainstreaming of the homosexual agenda proceeds. They like to ask: how is the legalization of SSM going to affect your marriage? How is it going to hurt anybody in anyway? What will change? Oh, for one thing, we can expect to see in-your-face public displays of affection far more frequently. No one wants to see even a man and woman in a heated clinch in a fast-food restaurant, though a quick peck on the lips won't bother anyone. It's kind of cute. But when your kid tugs on your sleeve and asks why those two men over there are kissing or have their arms wrapped around each other, I'm sure you'll have a ready answer. If your kids go to public schools, maybe you won't need an answer. In about ten years, maybe sooner, they'll have already had their brains washed by the tolerance enforcers, among whose cadre every teacher in a public school will be a sworn member if he desires employment.

I just hope Chik-Fil-A has the guts to kick the kissers out of their family restaurant, and, if they refuse to leave, refuse them service. Discrimination suits will be sure to follow. Good. Fight them. I'll donate to the cause.

In other news related to the general contempt for Christian conscience, the Obamacare HHS mandate compelling all employers to cover "contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs" kicked in yesterday as well. Only a few narrowly defined religious institutions (as in churches, not their affiliated schools) are exempt. The full effects will not be felt by these larger structures until sometime after the election. As Cardinal Dolan said, they've got about a year to figure out how to violate their consciences. I'm hoping the bishops keep this front and center in the coming months, and that they and all Christians who have joined with them will push even further, demanding that no one with a conscientious or religious objection be forced to cover the sex pill or the baby-killing drugs. Don't turn chicken now. Take this where it needs to go.


Lydia McGrew said...

I'm very concerned about this whole odious "kiss-in" thing. There have got to be general public order statutes that would apply to such behavior. And as you say, would apply to such behavior even if the couples were heterosexual. Which means that it ought to be possible for local police to kick out the homosexuals trying to harass the restaurants. The big question is, will they? Were I a C-f-A franchise owner, I would have been in touch 'ere this with my local police chief asking him what support I could count on. There are a lot of levels of this. I have little doubt that there will be more than "kiss-ins," if those weren't bad enough. The homosexual activists have shown a willingness in many venues to be threatening, abusive, mob-like, obscene, to block entrances, to act in all sorts of ways that are blatantly illegal. In many cases the local law enforcement has refused to act. God help the Chik-Fil-A owners.

William Luse said...

"In many cases the local law enforcement has refused to act."

That kind of cowardice is obscene, too. Maybe CFA ought to hire their own security.

Lydia McGrew said...

I now am confused about how that works. Some people have tried to tell me in threads in the last year that private security is powerless to expel unruly people from a private venue. If so, what's the use of them?

William Luse said...

Of no use, if that's the case. They should expel them anyway and take the legal hits. Maybe they'll win in court. But they can't just surrender.