Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chi-town trip

We were there to watch Ebe perform, and to celebrate her birthday. She made out good. (Sure is interesting to watch girls shop for dresses and shoes.)

I have many more pics; this is just a sampling. All are enlargeable at least twice over.

Coming into the city:

See that church? It's on Dearborn, and quite beautiful up close. It's also dead. There's a for sale sign out front.

This is a bronze out front of The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, next to the Ruth Page theater, also on Dearborn. I can't tell if she is being sculpted by the two fellows or serving as model. But if you enlarge, it's clear the one fellow's finger is making an indentation in her belly, and the fellow on the left has his eyes too much on the prize. I can only hope real art classes are not like this. If they are, I'm signing up.

Elizabeth with a fellow dancer post-performance. The girl baked her a birthday cake from scratch. Heavy, moist, and chocolate.

With company owner, employer, and choreographer Laura Kariotis:

With guest performer and choreographer Paul Christiano. Incredibly talented fellow.

Well, I see these in Orlando, so big deal:

The Virgin's corner in Mt. Carmel Catholic Church, on Belmont.

A Missing/Endangered poster scattered around town. This one's on a pay-to-park box next to a hospital on the North side. Odds are next to zero, but if you've seen or heard anything, there's a number to call:

Pansies outside Panes Bread Factory (or something like that):

Leaving the city:


Beth Impson said...

Thanks for sharing your trip and your lovely family!

TS said...

Enjoyed the pics. Ebe has pretty hands.

William Luse said...

They're even more remarkable when you see her perform. As if she were made to do this particular thing, but I don't know.