Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Thought (for what it's worth)

I suppose I ought to give up this little endeavor called blogging, seeing as how I have so little time for it. But if I did it wouldn't be for the reasons I have seen offered by others. One reason I keep at it (sort of), for an audience that I must assume is generally Chistian, is that it forces me, at least with some regularity, to consider the higher things, and thereby distracts me from the lower. I should be no better person for quitting entirely, but I might be worse. Should the audience change - which it cannot apart from my own choosing - the latter outcome would be a fact, not a possibility. It is the audience that gives me pause, keeps me honest, restrains intemperance, limits my field of vision, and thus protects me from myself. One must imagine that he is writing for one person, to whom he is loath to give offense, as if in that one the entire Body bore witness.

Well, it's something to strive for, anyway.


Elena LaVictoire said...

I think the blogosphere would be a worse place without you Mr. Luse!

William Luse said...

Mmm. It's a good thing you're already married. Wait. I am too. Never mind. But thanks, btw.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, have never really understood the angst of "oh, no, I'm blogging too much" OR of "oh, no, I'm blogging too little." Seems to me the answer is to post when you have something to say (even if it's silly, like most of what I have to say), don't post when you don't.

I would be a worse person if I didn't read Steven and TSO and you. The other great mom/women bloggers out there make me know I'm not alone.

I don't get the big old distinction between blogging and real life (a la Mr. Culbreath). It's simply a part of my real life. You are not less real to me simply because I cannot see you. All that hearkening back to "the good old days"--well, what about people who carried on correspondences (never seeing each other) for YEARS and years back in them olden days? Seems to me we've focused too much on the form of technology we're using to do that.

I understand how much of the internet is filth. And I understand if you've got a problem....well, it's best to stay away. But a well-ordered life can contain many things--parish families, books, wine, a few episodes of 24 (!), and some discussions via electronic media with friends.

William Luse said...

You would not be a worse person if you didn't read them there bloggers you mentioned. You were already a good person; that's why you found them. Maybe they shore you up in some way, but if it weren't them it would be someone, or something, else. I don't think Jeff draws a distinction between blogging and real life. My impression is that he thinks that most of the time (not all of it) spent on the computer is time better spent chopping wood, hugging his kids, or kissing the back of wife's neck. You're no less real to me either because I can't see you, but there is a sense of completion to be found in the flesh (don't take that the wrong way). And I would like to see you. Every married woman is a creature some man gave everything up for. (I would never say this to my male readers. I don't care what they look like.)
I like your point about correspondence in the old days.

Elena LaVictoire said...

Mama T I totally agree with you on that!