Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Book on Usury

Back in February 2015 I put up a post called The End of Usury. The post's title reflected wishful thinking, prompted by Zippy's Usury FAQ at his website. That FAQ has been updated at least three times and, at the urging of readers, at last been put into hard copy and is now available at Amazon. I'll say again what I said at the time: "...if you’re open to the possibility that certain transactions can still be described in our own time as usurious, that its practice is in fact very real, a very venal and grave iniquity..," then this is the book for you. I promote it because I have become convinced of its moral urgency. The sin of usury derives, after all, from one man's use of another human being, from his treating that being as an object. That its connection with other depredations of our time is an intimate one ought therefore to be rather obvious.

Buy as many copies as you can afford. Give them to every priest and religious of your acquaintance, to all your friends, and even send one to the Vatican. The Man Upstairs just might see that it finds its target.

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