Monday, June 06, 2016

More photo fun-2

[Update: I've added one more pic of a bird I believe is called a limpkin. Took some searching to hunt him down.]
The Easter lilies did not live up to their name this year. They bloomed in the middle of May. Then we have a Sandhill crane strolling through my dad's driveway as if he owns it. (The whole series of Sandhill photos is on this page). If, btw, you kill one, you can be arrested, fined, and thrown in jail. Next is the giant oak tree (3 of them, actually) beside the Tap Room at Dubsdread golf course, and finally a great blue heron behind my dad's house. It is the largest heron in North America, with a wingspan up to six feet. All shot with the Canon Rebel T5, except for the Sandhill photos (Canon Power Shot). Oh yes, click to enlarge.

Easter Lily

Sandhill Crane

oak trees

Great Blue Heron


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