Saturday, November 28, 2015

This Christmas, give something to those

whose lamps are always burning, and whose salt never loses its savor.

Here are a few places who support themselves by selling the works of their hands. It's not their most important work, but still necessary.
- The Brigittine monks: they specialize in fudge.
- The monks of Assumption Abbey in Arkansas: they make a famous fruitcake.
- Holy Cross Abbey is known for its truffles.
-The Genesee Abbey in New York is known for Monks' Bread. I used to find it in my local grocery store, but not lately.
- The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. They are Trappists who make fudge, fruitcake and biscotti. I got the fudge and the fruitcake last year. They're good.
- The contemplative nuns of Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Dubuque Iowa are rightly renowned for their chocolate covered caramels.

I've purchased from all these places thus far. Unfortunately, I'll be giving most of it away as presents. But there are plenty of other places that need support but don't sell stuff.

These ladies, for example, don't sell anything, but like most orders can always use your help to perpetuate their work in the world. (click to enlarge.)

These are the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.




Or how about the Sisters of Life? I think these are from the Denver chapter. They try to save unborn babies, and the mothers thereof. Thus:

A nun is the most beautiful thing on the planet, especially a gaggle of them working, praying, singing and playing together. They laugh and smile a lot. They take joy in a life most of us run from. One sister's story from the Toronto chapter:

On this page is a list of communities belonging to the Conference of Major Superiors of Women Religious. (I suspect it was started as a counter-weight to the Leadership Conference of Women's Religious.) Scroll through, find one in your area, and help them out. On this page there are three photo slideshows. All are good, but the third especially will give you a look at a few more of the orders in which the consecrated life is thriving and growing. May God grant them the prosperity that will save the Sodom we live in from His wrath.

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