Friday, February 27, 2015

Equality is a powerful argument

Two videos. In the first, Bill O'Reilly and two guests - a liberal and a conservative - discuss whether "our rights come from God." They are prompted by an exchange between Judge Roy Moore and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. It is further evidence of why conservatives appear impotent on this issue. O'Reilly and the conservative Tantaros admit that the equality argument is a powerful one. It is so powerful that neither offers a counter to it.

Since they won't say it, I will (for about the 5,000th time): not only is it not powerful, but downright stupid. In case you missed it, I said stupid. I have no rights that a homosexual man does not also have. He is equally as entitled as I to marry - a person of the opposite sex, that is. But he doesn't want to do that. Therefore, he wants us to treat him not equally, but as a very super special poor little oppressed victim for whom we must invent an entirely new right - the right to marry a person of the same sex. This requires a redefinition of what a marriage is, to the degree that it is no longer recognizable. Further, it bears no kinship WHATSOEVER to discrimination on racial grounds. None. Zero. At all. I'm still waiting for prominent black leaders like Sharpton and Jackson to come before the cameras to scream about the injustice of the comparison.

This link should take you to the video.

In the other, Baronelle Stutzman, the Washington state florist who declined to perform her service for a male homosexual imitation wedding - claiming that it would dishonor Jesus Christ - talks to Shannon Bream on The Kelly File. The attorney general of Washington apparently tried to bribe Stutzman's conscience but, says she, "you can't buy my freedom." No, but they can ruin you. And her situation is a harbinger of what is to come for all of us after the Supreme Court spreads this plague across the land later this year.

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