Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update: I'm blogging here now. There's another Sunday Thought up.

There's a Sunday thought here.

In any case, the blog part of that main page is here, from which, once again, I'll be posting until I can figure out what I want to do. Be patient with me.


I valued and appreciated that Sunday thought! Thank you.

By Blogger Thomas D, at 3:34 AM, January 28, 2013  

You are most welcome. I'll be posting updates here now and then, but for the time being (until I get my brain sorted out) I'll be blogging from this address:
Sorry about the trouble.

By Blogger William Luse, at 5:14 AM, January 28, 2013  

I love _Witness_. I need to re-read it . . .

By Blogger Beth Impson, at 10:29 AM, January 28, 2013  

It's actually just one of those things you love so much: an extended personal essay.

By Blogger William Luse, at 4:04 PM, January 28, 2013  

The part about the child's ear and the design argument...

By the way, I noticed what he said about whether the hope of the world is in God or man. Communism says man.

What we've seen in the decades since then is the downhill road from humanism to nihilism. If all you have is man, and you think man is literally just the outcome of random forces, you end up devaluing man. Then you don't even have man anymore. So now we've moved on to anti-humanism.

By Blogger Lydia McGrew, at 8:38 PM, January 28, 2013  

The part about the child's ear hit home with me too. I must have experienced it hundreds of times during their infancy, and each time was like the first.

By Blogger William Luse, at 4:22 AM, January 29, 2013  

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