Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welfare Queens: A solution to the HHS mandate

There's a blogger at Patheos name of Rebecca Hamilton (I'm pretty sure), who calls her blog The Public Catholic (I'm almost positive). She's a (if I'm remembering correctly) congresswoman from Oklahoma (all this is subject to fact-checking by anyone with the energy) who talks about saying rosaries and praying for this and that and such like. Why can't we have an entire Congress made up of people like her? Also, if you start babbling in comments about what Congress shoulda woulda oughta do, and you don't know what you're talking about, you'll get called on it because she, you know, works there.

Anyway, in comments to one of her posts, a fan says, "...if the government was really ONLY concerned about making sure that contraception was freely available, it could easily do that without trampling on religious freedom. A government that can send out food stamps can also give out contraception. It chooses to trample on religious freedom anyway."

There it is. HHS, or whatever unkillable bureaucracy doles out the free stuff, should start issuing easy-sex-pill stamps. You can give it a different name if you want, but you can't just call them sex stamps because then it would sound as if they might be redeemed for sex. "I am Woman hear me roar" stamps. Anti-War on Women stamps. Sexual nondiscrimination stamps. Reproductive rights stamps. Fetal deterrence stamps. Naomi Wolf Memorial stamps ("aren't women entitled to a little lust too?"). Whatever. Most women can probably afford their own easy-sex pills. The ones who can't I'm assuming fall into the Medicaid-eligible category. If we're all going to be paying for other people's infertility anyway, why the farce pretending that insurance companies will offer the drugs for free by order of the government? (Isn't a compulsory freedom some sort of oxymoron?) Let religious institutions continue with what they've always done - decline to offer this coverage in their health plans - and make it available through some other agency. It means we'll be paying a bit more in taxes, but that's what the HHS mandate amounts to anyway. Seems to me that middle class housewives, divorced single mothers, never-married single mothers, and spoiled rotten college girls gone wild shouldn't be embarrassed to show up at the local welfare bureau to turn in their birth control chit. After all, it's their constitutional right and they ought to be proud of publicly laying claim to it. It's another way of making a statement. Right?


Lydia McGrew said...

It's my opinion that the HHS mandate is part of a kind of psychological war on the people the Obama administration hates. It's not enough for them that this person or that shd. have contraception free. It's part of their goal to involve as many other people as possible, one way or another, in the transaction, as part of ideological warfare and stamping out the last vestiges of any dissent from their ideology in society at large. They get satisfaction out of forcing everyone they can think of to go along with what they want. Their arguments against business show this: They are arguing in court that businesses have no possibility of a religious exemption simply *in virtue of* their engaging in a for-profit business.

William Luse said...

No doubt that's all exactly true.