Thursday, October 11, 2012

If you're a Florida voter...

...and find yourself uncomprehending of, or just annoyed by, some of the lengthy constitutional amendments on our 6 page long ballot, James Madison University has a page explaining it all for you. They chicken out on a couple of items, like the one concerning taxpayer funding of abortion (it's not relevant to their "core mission" - cowards), but on the whole a pretty good job. As for retaining the four Supreme Court justices, you can find all the explanation you need right here: throw them all out. There are 12 tickets on the list of presidential candidates, from the green party to the socialists. Even an objectivist party whose candidates are devoted to the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I thought I might be hallucinating when I saw Roseanne Barr's name. But after blinking rapidly and slapping myself, she was still there. If it's really true that anyone can grow up to be president, I'm getting out of here. The only interesting alternative to the two main contenders for liberal leader of the country was a guy named Thomas Hoeflinger of America's Party (or something like that). He's trying to run an old-fashioned "front porch" campaign that requests from hearers no donations. He seems resolutely pro-life, but other than that I didn't have time to explore much.

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