Saturday, April 14, 2012

That young priest I spoke of in the previous post may have known whereof he spoke. According to this article, Traditional Catholicism is winning. Vocations are indeed up slightly (in America). The interesting thing is that the increase in numbers is not evenly spread. They tend to spike in certain locations, and the key seems to be that a diocese be led by bishops who "are unambiguous and allow a minimum of dissent about the male, celibate priesthood," and who aren't afraid to say such things as did Chicago's Cardinal George in a homily, "pronouncing liberal Catholicism 'an exhausted project . . . parasitical on a substance that no longer exists.' Declaring that Catholics are at a 'turning point' in the life of the church in this country, the cardinal concluded that the bishops must stand as a 'reality check for the apostolic faith.'"

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bill bannon said...

Too bad no Bishops or Catholic writers will stand up for the death penalty which is a tradition that goes back to the Noachic covenant in Gen.9:6 " whosoever sheds the blood of man, by man will his blood be shed."
But isn't the Noachic covenant over like Hall and Oates?
Not according to ccc #71:
" 71 God made an everlasting covenant with Noah and with all living beings (cf. Gen 9:16). It will remain in force as long as the world lasts.

"Faithful" means faithful to our paradigm not all of Tradition.. The cafeteria stretches fom the Popes to the laity depending on the issue but anyone seeking advantage in the Church must pretend otherwise.