Tuesday, January 03, 2012

To blog or not, that is the question. Answer: hell, I don't know

[A reader has pointed out that he was unable to comment. I've fixed this.]

From my old friend, Zippy, on retiring from blogging: "Non-participation in the blogosphere is remarkably peaceful, in no small part because I am not forced, by the bizarre distant intimacy of the format, to form low opinions of various people I hardly know."

Yes, I feel the peace. So now that I've retired from W4 (but not from The Christendom Review) I've decided to keep at it anyway. Maybe. Here, when I do it, if I do it at all. Shorter stuff here, longer stuff someplace else which I'll link to as necessary.

Some of you (it is a huge assumption on my part, I know, to imagine that any "some" of anybody is still reading this) will be glad to know that Jeff Culbreath has brought his Stony Creek Digest back to life, while people like TSO and Dylan never quit. Good for them. Hardy souls. I think TSO's latest post implies that there might be something sacramental about drinking. I heartily agree and will drink to the sentiment as soon as I'm done here.

Meanwhile, here are some recent things I've done which almost everybody has missed and probably with good reason, from oldest to newest:

A little Sunday meditation on the purpose of suffering. Or something.

Another one about agnosticism.

From back in September, another in tribute to the victims of 9/11.

A piece about a young woman and what happened on her way to the abortuary.

This one's called Wastage, but I can't remember what it was about. Probably important though.

On the new Dept. of HHS regulations, a consequence of Obamacare, requiring religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage in their health plans.

A guessing game. If you like Christmas music, a pleasant diversion.

Some thoughts on Christmas, my contribution to the editors' post at W4. It can be found here.

And finally some befuddlement about the necessity of giving 12 year olds the HPV vaccination. Lydia McGrew's comments are better than the post. It's not often you find a tour de force in net comments, but sometimes it happens.

Oh, I got a lot of Christmas presents. One was a book called The Complete Book of German Cooking, or The Complete German Cookbook - something like that. And it is complete. As I was leafing through it right after stuffing down Christmas dinner, I started drooling. It doesn't tell you how to make German beer, but I can buy that any day of the week. Anyway, I expect to be eating well in the coming weeks. Now I'm going to toast something or someone for no reason at all - well, for the reason that the eggnog I made for Christmas is still plentiful. It goes well with everything. Someone can let me know how the Iowa carcasses turned out in the morning.


TS said...

Good ol' Zippy, living up to his nickname. I think I was going to say that it's no wonder he burned out, given the polemical nature of his blog.

I think Facebook & Twitter really put a hurting on blogs too, since they served to satisfy the virtual social outlet.

William Luse said...

Yes, you're right about all that. I miss the Zipster.

I like blogs better, but what're you gonna do?