Saturday, November 13, 2010

The current issue of The Christendom Review... now online, wherein you can read a fine essay by Tim McGrew (related to Lydia, by marriage, in fact), who describes the spiritual evolution of perhaps the most prominent evolutionist of his time, George John Romanes. Another beautiful reflection comes from sometime W4 (and Apologia) commenter Beth Impson, who looks back at a not-quite-forgotten little classic by John Gardner, and in the process reminds us of the first impulse and final purpose that gives (or ought to give) birth to art that is true and lasting. Painter, novelist, poet and screenwriter William Mickelberry takes apart Peter Taylor's "Venus, Folly, Cupid, and Time," and one of Beth's former students, Millie Jones, shows great promise as a poet, proving that very good things can come out of a Christian college.

And then there are the magnificent paintings of Chicago resident Nanci Mertz-King, who seems to me a master of color and value, among other things.

There's some other good stuff, too. Andy Nowicki attempts to reconcile a scriptural difficulty with Christian morality, and an excerpt from Rick Barnett's forthcoming novel describes a world in which the government has "gone Darwin."



dylan said...

I quite like Millie Jones, whose poems seem to me to be not merely promises but fully secure accomplishments!

Lydia McGrew said...

This is a particularly good issue. I'm not just saying that because of Tim's article. :-)

William Luse said...

She'll be glad to hear that, Dylan. Beth Impson will probably make sure she gets the message.

Of course you aren't, Lydia!