Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Signs of Spring

The plum tree is in bloom.

Saw the first robin red breast yesterday. He just sat in the grass and posed for me. I said a few words but he didn't answer. (In case I haven't mentioned it before, birds like me, except for the blue jays who try to steal the nuts I leave out for the squirrels.) I went back inside and got a piece of bread, which I tore up and threw the chunks a few feet from him. He just watched, cocking his head. Then he flitted up to a branch on the drake elm and watched me some more. So I went back inside and when I came out again later the bread was still there. Those robins are cute but they could be stupid.


Peony Moss said...

Or maybe he was smart enough not to eat something that's not good for him? The early bird doesn't catch the danish.

William Luse said...

Hey, I would never feed him danish. This was excellent Chicago Italian sandwich bread.

duckpark said...

I live in Louisiana and robins only visit in the winter... they never visit the feeders (seeds, nuts, gruel, etc). The common belief is that robins (& other birds like mockingbirds, bluebirds, etc) are insect and nematodes (worms) eaters. This might be factual, however I'm not a zoologist.