Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goin' To See the Queen

The Dancing Queen, that is. She's guesting as the Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy for the Catskill Ballet Theater. (Embedded youtube trailer on front page.) Snow country. If I get any good pictures, I'll share.

Meantime, this one goes out to Dylan. I always thought she was one of the great voices of the last 40 years or so. She was a big star, no doubt, but not paid as much attention by the hipsters, whose only regret was that Janis Joplin wasn't better looking, and who knew there wasn't a God because she died so young. But this girl actually sang about Him, and with sufficient conviction that you might think she believes the words.

The first one is from a "mid-late 1980's Tennessee Ernie Ford TV special." After watching it, take a look at the second one from a recent PBS special, in which she sings her hit "Marry Me Bill" to the man she's been married to for the last 40 some years, and tell me how her voice is doing. Keep in mind she's older than I, which means...just what it says. (Biography here. Hers, not mine.)

And now to the present:


dylan said...

Many, many thanks! Most thoughtful of you!

William Luse said...

Youse welcome.

Lydia McGrew said...

Drive carefully!!! Or are you flying?

Great "My Tribute." Bethel had never heard it before, at least not done professionally.

Elena said...

Marilyn Mc's voice is as strong as ever and her range is still there. I note that some stars like Manilow and Stevie Nicks and even Hall and Oats have lost their higher ranges over the years but Marilyn is still in very good voice- not doubt due to good training, technique and healthy living.

William Luse said...

- Drive carefully!!! Or are you flying? -

There's a story behind that. Maybe I'll tell it.

I agree, Elena.