Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poem for the Earth

Today is Earth day,
Let us pray,
With Al Gore and all his ken,
That the prophet need
No more bemoan
Depletion of the sacred ozone,
That air be once more clean and pure,
Car fumes replaced by horse manure,
That an ice age soon
Will come again,
But not before our last Amen.

© 2009 and following unto the end of Time, by William Luse

(Yes, I know it was yesterday, but I wrote it yesterday and forgot to post it, which no doubt would have been fine by most of you. Any complaints about the quality of the verse should be referred to Dylan. I don't have time for them.)


Lydia McGrew said...

Hey, I know: You can post it at W4 and tell Jeff Martin you think maybe it was okay for Rush Limbaugh to be funny on Earth Day.

wl said...

Jeff thinks Earth Day is serious? Uh, he probably wouldn't get the joke. On occasion it's probably good that I don't have posting privileges there anymore.

dylan said...

I remember Pat Buchanan's quip about Earth Day: "...when we can all worship dirt"!

And a libertarian blogger writes that the difference between Arbor Day and Earth Day is the difference between planting a tree in your backyard and emailing your UN representative to urge him to sign a global-warming treaty.

As for complaints about the poem, I have none; but will be glad to field anyone else's complaint.

BTW, have you ever seen the sign: "Helen Waite is in charge of the complaints department. If you have a complaint, go to Helen Waite."

wl said...

Ha! That's great.

(You're keeping late hours.)

dylan said...

I had already slept four hours by the time I woke up at 2:10. Fell back asleep at 4, woke up briefly again at 5, up for good at the usual six. (Not that you asked for all those details!)

TS said...

I love it!!

I kept thinking I should do something for Earth day in that vein but you did it better than I would have.

wl said...

Nice of you to say so, TS, though I doubt it.