Monday, February 02, 2009

Update on Lydia, media star

She done good. She was coherent. She has a nice voice with an interesting quality. She sounds like a mom while lecturing, in the same way that Sarah Palin sounded like one while politicking. The subject under discussion was (in general) the voice of the religious in the public square, and how best to make it heard and heeded. I have only a few bones to pick. First, she missed the opportunity of informing listeners that her masterpiece on the subject could be found at The Christendom Review. Second, she pronounces Paul Cella's name Chella, as a Brooklynite might pronounce 'cello'. Third, in making a larger, valid point, she asserted that newborns have no self-awareness. It's a matter of hospital record, eyewitnesses attending, that on the very night of my birth, after my mother had recovered from the ordeal - ("You're a pain in the pelvis," was her way of reminding me in later years) - I snatched the vanity mirror from her hand and began admiring myself in it. Otherwise, she was sterling.

If you missed the program, it should soon be archived on the James Allen show website. Click the "audio" tab and select the player for Feb. 1.


Lydia McGrew said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun.

I had a deep feeling I was mis-pronouncing Paul's last name. It was one of the first questions I was going to ask you and/or him. I hope he will forgive it given all the positive things I said about him.

I've got to tell Zippy that he got out the thumbscrews: "Come on now, who is Zippy? Really? Tell us."

wl said...

Zippy is the future monarch of the Catholic kingdom of Zippydom, where statutes are enacted in accordance with natural law, theology and moral ethics are required courses starting in the 3rd grade, and the king shows his beneficence by taking everyone for a ride in his airplane.

TS said...

My comment was going to play up the "who is Zippy Catholic?" but I see Lydia (it sounded like "Liddy" from her interviewer) beat me to it. I add my kudos to Lydia and her articulateness.

Zippy is the future monarch of the Catholic kingdom of Zippydom... High-laire!

Lydia McGrew said...

Thanks, TS!

I think Zippy himself calls the imaginary kingdom "Zippystan."

Tim says I should have said in response, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." It would have been great but didn't occur to me. :-)

wl said...

People are always thinking of great lines for other people after the fact.

Zippystan has an Islamic ring to it. It'll have to be 'dom.'

Anonymous said...

It was terrific. Lydia is as erudite when live on her feet as when carefully composing prose.

We can call the kingdom whatever you like, Bill, but ix-nay on crowning me ing-kay. With great power comes great responsibility, and I'm just way too lazy to try to carry all that. Plus I'm also far too impatient. I'll just be his chief pilot.

Lydia McGrew said...

The masked man in the cockpit is the _real_ King of Ruritania...