Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You should read it too...

Tony Esolen at Touchstone links to The Christendom Review, in the process heaping extravagantly well-earned praise on Lydia McGrew's article therein, "The Irrational Faith of the Naked Public Square" -

If you have never been witness to step by step surgical dismemberment, you will want to don the scrubs to watch Miss McGrew; it is a masterly performance... My favorite sentence in the piece, some form of which appears several times, is "But this is obviously wrong," followed by a calm, rhetorically deadpan exposition of why it is obviously wrong. One feels as if one were in the presence of an English teacher of the old school, instructing a student who thinks he is brighter than he really is on what constitutes a logical argument.

All of which then spurs Esolen to near essay length thoughts of his own. He put some work into it. Of course, the Review is a journal, not a weblog, but out of gratitude I think we'll let that go for the moment.

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