Monday, December 08, 2008

We gave thanks anyway

The day before Thanksgiving, Bernadette's throat starts hurting, her head hurts, she can hardly swallow, everything hurts. Thanksgiving Day morning it's so bad that she's in the waiting room of an urgent care center. Doctor doesn't know what it is so's he prescribes an antibiotic and a throat rinse (swish n' spit, they call it), the latter costing around 70 bucks, which she ends up hating and refuses to uses. It's still in the kitchen waiting for someone who likes the taste to get sick. Fortunately, Alleve helped and the antibiotic eventually did its work. But for three days she was flat on her back. While the rest of us pigged out, she was in the guest room sleeping the holiday away. Her best friend was duly concerned, and kept more or less constant watch:

Every now and then he'd nudge her awake to make sure she was okay:

I think the shuttle Endeavor was scheduled to return sometime in the last few days. I lost track. If you want to see what the takeoff looked like from my rooftop about 30 miles away, you can find it here. There's some black space you'll have to suffer through about halfway. All the good stuff happens before that anyway. You think you have a steady hand with the zoom on a very distant object? You don't. Next time I use a tripod. The bright light on the left at the beginning is the moon. The orange light toward the bottom is my neighbor's porch light. Over and out.

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Ellyn said...

Those are the sweetest pictures!

(PS - Hang on to the throat rinse. Some day someone might use it. If it is viscous lidocaine - which I bet it is - it is also applicable for various palliative dental needs. Sort of like that stuff you can get in the little tube (Ambesol? Anusol? somthing like that...) only more seriously effective.)

Hope better health prevails...