Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I haven't had time to sit in silence and ponder the absolute uniqueness in the world's history of the Event we celebrate tonight and tomorrow, and on, I suppose, through Epiphany. I'd like to have one myself. So here's something I wrote in 2002. Maybe you can read it to your kids tonight. It's called A Christmas Wish.

As always the merry Christmas goes out to all who visit this site, and to those who don't.


alaiyo said...

Wow, Bill, that is an amazing poem. Thanks for linking to it; thanks for *writing* it! God bless you and yours with a very merry Christmas! --Beth

smockmomma said...

as the smocklings would say, you are a total beast. [hence, you are cool, rad, awesome, wonderful, smart, grand, fabulous, etc.]

it is a pleasure to know you and it is an honor to share some small piece of the blogoshpere with you, sir. happy christmas to you and yours.

wl said...

Okay, thanks, and same to you guys.