Thursday, September 11, 2008

Conversion Time

I was wondering when the media would emerge from their state of shock and take notice. I finally saw a spot on CNN pointing out what had previously been obvious only to the fanatical few, that, in theory, John McCain's and Sarah Palin's positions might not perfectly overlap. Mentioned were the issues of drilling for oil, and (possibly) immigration, and...embryonic stem cell research. A former female aide to Palin (formerly an aide, still female) and ardent supporter said that as far as she knew Palin's opposition yields no exceptions, that is, she opposes it in all its forms. If this is so, you'd think Palin would have brought it up during the vetting process, and have asked for assurances that she would not be asked to support it. You'd think. So if you (or the MSM) want to ask her a hard question, I'd suggest laying off whether she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, or tried to get a trooper fired who tasered his 11 year old stepson, or whether she thinks Tyrannosaur shared space with Neandertal. Rather, try this one:

Governor Palin. Let us suppose that a bill recommending federal funding for ESCR involving leftover IVF embryos passes the House and ends up in the Senate, where the vote falls 50-50. The President has said that he will sign such a bill. As Senate president, your vote can break the tie in the bill's favor. What will you do?

My solicitude for her welfare and principles is such that I felt compelled to send the McCain campaign the following email:

On the Issues page, under the category "Addressing the Moral Concerns of Advanced Technology", the fact that Senator McCain supports federal funding of ESCR research on leftover IVF embryos is completely ignored, and dishonestly, I think. I had thought he believed in full disclosure. (He's a maverick.)

It is my hope that Governor Palin is opposed to such research, and that she has made this known to the Senator.

In any case, it is an appalling fact that Senator McCain holds human life sacred from the moment of conception, unless that conception happens to occur outside the woman's body. Does he think that we are human by location rather than by constitution? An embryo is human whether it's outside the body or in, whether it's warm or cold, in a bassinet or a refrigerator. What he's doing is declaring an entire class of humans as fit subjects for murder and disembowelment based on the circumstances in which we find them. Does he do this with any other class of people, that some may be murdered to the benefit of others? In short, if he cannot remedy this inability to know a human when he sees one, I will not (and I am not alone) be able to support him no matter how much I admire his running mate. In fact, that latter needs to have a serious sit-down with him in an attempt to effect a conversion. More than anything - more even than my desire to see the fanatically pro-abort Obama defeated - I do not want to see her compromise herself. God's children are His children, wherever and however we may find them. That they have been cast aside should no more trouble us than should the fact of orphanages. The more desperate, forlorn and even hopeless their circumstances appear, the more our hearts should reach out to protect and shelter them from harm.

That should do it. Out of the millions of emails they receive, this one will get attention.


alaiyo said...

Assuming -- since it's how I'd have meant it -- that your last remark is cynical, let us still hope that the Father of all, who loves these little ones more than the most fanatically pro-life of us possibly can, might make it be true. Who knows what He might use to turn someone's heart?If we give Him nothing *to* use, He will not necessarily do the work without us.

You have made a compelling case on several levels. May God grant that the right people see it and respond to Him through it.

Lydia McGrew said...

Since the Senate will be solidly controlled by the Dems, I doubt the 50-50 scenario would come up. My greatest concern is that if McCain wins Palin's own position will be changed or else the whole issue will move past so fast that her total opposition will come to seem irrelevant to herself and to almost everyone else. Here seems to me a likely scenario (in the still-unlikely event of a McCain win): Federal ESCR funding on leftover IVF embryos passes and is signed during a McCain presidency. Palin subsequently becomes President when McCain bows out due to age. Congress is still controlled by the Democrats, and President Palin does not even ask Congress to change the funding law back, and doesn't even talk about trying to do so, because she thinks it is hopeless and because psychologically and tactically everyone, including pro-life lobbying groups talking to a President Palin and telling her what they are concerned about, feels that it is now water under the bridge. Perhaps by that time we will have "moved on" to fighting against federal funding for outright embryo farms (creating embryos for research), and President Palin will get major pro-life points for being staunchly opposed to that and threatening to veto legislation authorizing it.

William Luse said...

Since the Senate will be solidly controlled by the Dems, I doubt the 50-50 scenario would come up.

It's as likely as your scenario, the likelihood of either being irrelevant to the point I was making. I don't vote based on scenarios. I vote based on where someone stands.

Lydia McGrew said...

Well said.

Francis said...

Alaiyo is certainly right, Bill, not only in his judgement on the compelling nature of the case that you make, but also that we cannot know what ground the Lord has already prepared and which awaits only a word in season for its seed and ultimate fruit. Good work. Francis

William Luse said...

Sorry for getting snippy, Lydia. I was in a foul mood due to other things.

Francis, you and Beth will turn me into an optimist yet.

Lydia McGrew said...

'Sokay, Bill. Since I happened to agree with what you said, it was easy enough just to say so. I sometimes get bogged down in details, which I know can be annoying.

William Luse said...

Did you get the hint, Francis? Alaiyo is a girl.