Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update on Alli

A follow-up to these two posts.

The pit bull that attacked her has not been put down. There will be a hearing Friday to determine whether the dog can be returned to its owner, who finally stepped forward after about a week's time. (I guess it takes that long to figure out your dog's missing). You can read the story here, and decide his credibility for yourself.

Other information has also come to light that never made the papers. It turns out that the same pit bull attacked another dog a few blocks over just minutes before the incident involving the mayor and yours truly. A lady was out walking her two Chinese cresteds when the pit came trotting along, seemingly friendly, before taking one of the cresteds by the throat. Somehow the little dog got loose and took off running. A neighbor chased the pit off and it headed up toward our street where the next incident ensued. At least it appears that way at the moment. The owners of the cresteds weren't aware of the second incident until they read about it in the papers, upon which the husband sent an email to the reporter covering the story, which email was forwarded to Animal Control, to Alli's owner, and via her to those of us who helped her out. I wrote a witness statement and turned it over to the lady in charge of the Orange County dangerous dogs department. I'll let you know what happens.


TS said...

The story goes, "With the help of neighbors alerted by the commotion...".

Too bad it didn't say, "With the help of onlookers alerted...". :-)

Lydia McGrew said...

Owner not credible. My off-the-cuff judgement.

William Luse said...

I'm not surrendering onlooker status. I'm beginning to like it.

And my off-the-cuff judgement concurs with your off-the-cuff judgement.