Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Disappearing Act

Research papers start coming in tomorrow, so I'll be heading off into my own little world, which probably won't include yours. It's possible I'll show up in someone's comment box with a non-analytical "Great post," or "Keep up the good work!" or "How can you be so wrong about so many things?" Then disappear.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to inhabit two worlds, two different worlds, I thought you'd like to know that there's actually a Catholics for O'Bama website, where you can comfortably recline in the mutually exclusive propositions that abortion is an intrinsic evil, and that you ought to vote for a pro-abortion candidate.

I got comments from a couple of readers, who can be identified if they so wish:

The logic, if one can call it that, was recently recorded on A. Sullivan's blog. A correspondent wrote to him saying that he opposed both abortion and torture, but thought that, whoever became president, abortion would continue unabated, but torture (which is different from abortion) would stop under an Obama administration. So one can be, if the writer is to be believed, a Catholic for Obama.

Je pense que non. And to throw another issue into the mix, I'd prefer to vote for a presidential candidate who attends a church at which his own mother would be welcome.

Le mot juste. And the other guy:

The irony is that her favorite movie is A Man for All Seasons! Can you imagine? Thomas More sacrificed his career and then his life for a principle. I don't even KNOW what Obama's principles are, let alone if he'd sacrifice his career and life. I know he's not willing to move an inch for the unborn.

But then it all becomes clear: she's a retired steelworker. Once you go union, you never go back.


Continuing with theme of the previous post, here's some more fine art. Breathtakingly beautiful. I think Lydia ought to hang it in the entranceway to her home.

I might be back with one more post this week, but that's only because it won't require any work.


alaiyo said...

Oh, come on, Bill. Research papers are no excuse not to post. In fact, they are usually my excuse TO post . . . anything, anything, to keep from grading them!

By the way, I really enjoyed the artwork of Timothy Jones' to which you posted a link. I'm hoping my son appreciates his philosophy as well as his work . . . We're working on the "do everything for the Lord" principle really hard now he's only months away from college!

TS said...

Continuing with theme of the previous post, here's some more fine art.

Art you can drink no less! Appeals to the multi-tasker in me.

Lydia McGrew said...

Timothy Jones did it better.

William Luse said...

Beth, I do understand the temptation. I am determined not to yield to it...so, why am I writing this comment?

Lydia, you won't think so after you've sampled a few of the selections. If you need any recommendations, I can point to specific bottles in the referenced work of art. And my expertise is not based on hearsay, or knowledge gained from books, but on real world experience in the School of Hard Drinking.

TSO, btw, won't be offended that you prefer Jones' art to his, since, as he admits, he doesn't actually produce the art but is more a consumer of it.