Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Christmas Spirit...

...with human beings made in the image of God celebrating the season as only human being parents can - by fighting with each other at their children's Christmas play.

Video here.

In case you were wondering what's ailing our schools, here's a snippet of a letter Superintendent Terry Grier released to the media -

"...the principal of Oak Hill Elementary School...informed me that three female parent, with a history of disliking each other, attended a school Holiday program last night...they began shouting obscenities at each other...Two other female parent tried to break up the fight and also became involved. The police was called...Since it was a school activity, many parents had video cameras present and taped much of the fight....The police is coming to the school this morning to interview staff present.

Before Christmas actually gets here, I'm going to try to find some good news.

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