Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Sunday Thought: some resurrection links

Remember the soldiers, many of whom shall return, some of whom will not.

Remember the Lord's promise: The Allelujah Chorus

And, if you have some room in your budget for a little extra charitable giving, consider helping kids like this:

You can read a little about her here, and other kids' stories can be found here.

The girl in the picture is Ali. She fought an eight year battle with neuroblastoma, beginning at age 5. She lost that battle in April, 2005,at the age of 12 or 13.

I've been following at a couple of websites another discussion concerning the 'Problem of Evil,' (the POE), whose proponents' assert that, since bad things happen, there can be no God. In a nutshell, that's it. Zippy thinks the argument self-negating; that is, to assert it is, quite literally, to deny one's own existence. If I could put it a bit stronger: to assert it is to consign this little girl - sweet, courageous, funny, disconcertingly bright, big-hearted, articulate, and now, I trust, an angel in heaven - to the nihilist's void. It is to throw her away, as if she'd never existed, a girl whose qualities elicited from her mom the depths of a humility that often follows upon our recognizing the miraculous:

"I wonder what I did right, that I'm the one lucky enough to be her mother."

The miracle in question is not, of course, one of healing. It is rather the miracle of human life and love thrown into greater relief by the evil attacking it, and beside which the evil is nothing.

You can watch Ali, and listen to her, here. Maybe she will speak to you.


Faith said...

Christ is Risen!

William Luse said...

I think I can trust you on that.

TS said...

Ali has one helluva angelic face. And heart to match.

William Luse said...

Yeah. I found it hard to watch.