Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sexual Parasitism

It's bad enough under "normal" circumstances, as between a pimp and his whore, but it used to be that when you pimped your own daughter, it was thought you'd transgressed into some kind of subhuman territory. Not no more. Now you can get a slot on a respectable television news show. More than one, actually. I saw it on Geraldo, too, and neither he nor his blonde sidekick with the vacuous grin asked a single tough question, you know, something like, "What kind of moral morons are you?" Or: "What kind of degenerate lowlifes sell their daughter's porn movie underwear on the internet for big bucks?" Or: "According to Dante's Inferno, the circle of hell reserved for lust-lackeys requires that they eat the flesh from each other's bones all day long. Aren't you afraid of going there?" (I made that part up, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.)

I could spend a lot of time trying to write a long, insightful article about the damage unfettered pornography has done to this society, but others have done it already without making a dent. I'm tired of negotiation, education, persuasion, tolerance, and forbearance. Some things just need to be against the law. And this story is the best argument I've seen for outlawing pornography. With it, we've just about, but not quite, reached the logically perverted end of the slippery slope that must accompany the mainstreaming of sexual vice (see Griswold v. Connecticut, et al.). I say 'not quite' because it could be worse. Use your imagination. Better yet, don't.

XXX Family Values:
Sunny Lane's Parents Say She's 'the Girl Next Door, Turned Hard Core'

As a girl, Sunny Lane wanted to be a professional ice skater.

Her mother, Shelby, decorated her glittery competition costumes, and her dad, Mike, cheered for his only child from the sidelines. Years later, they're still at it, only now they're helping their daughter chase her dreams of becoming a porn star.

She's so young and fresh looking she's called 'The Shirley Temple of Porn'.

"We're not kinky parents," Mike said. Married for 29 years, he and Shelby say that their own secret to staying monogamous was watching porn movies.

...Mike said that when he first saw Sunny on the Playboy channel, his reaction was, "Well, dreams do come true, I guess."

Mike and Shelby say they fast-forward through the sex scenes in their daughter's movies...


At the adult video convention in Las Vegas in January, Sunny was there to market herself, and her parents were right there beside her. But Shelby and Mike seem to have taken their support to a whole new level. While at the conference, they looked into getting life-size, anatomically correct sex dolls molded of their daughter.

Read the whole thing if you have the stomach for it. If that doesn't fill you up, there's a link to a video on the same page.


Anonymous said...

"I'm a product," she said, "And I know that, and I'm a dang good product."

You know that we've reached a tipping point when the willing puppets of the Powers and Principalities start speaking the truth rather than lies.

Ellyn said...

I happened across that program...and couldn't stop watching it. Sunny made me sad and her parents made furious. It was absolutely unreal. (Aren't your parents supposed to be the last stronghold of reason when you want to do something stupid with your life? How could this girl have a chance at a normal life with parents that are such 'pieces of work?')

alicia said...

I read somewhere that today is the two year anniversary of when they pulled Terri's feeding tube. The culture of death gets us coming and going.

Susan B. said...

Hi Bill,

I saw a commercial for that news program and it made me sick in my soul. I posted a sort of inarticulate outburst on my blog about that and some related things that I ended up deleting just a couple of hours later. The world is so sick.