Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Remembering Terri (cont.)

Here are the two links to Lydia's Schiavo posts at Right Reason. Really good stuff and I'm sorry I missed them at the time they were written. Problem is, I didn't know that either she or that website existed.

In the second of the two she has an exchange with Robert Miller, mentioned in my post below in regard to those letters of protest sent to First Things by three smart ladies. I am inclined to think moderately more kindly of Mr. Miller since he seems to agree with me :) that the heart of the injustice lay in Florida's law, without which M. Schiavo and Judge Greer would have been powerless. But I'm still bothered by a reservation about the fine legal distinctions at which Mr. Miller is so adept: I am incapable of seeing how 'due process' can be rendered to anyone when the law on which that process piggybacks is manifestly evil.

After a quick scan (I'll finish them in the next day or two), I can make the same recommendation for her two other pieces written as Greer's pull-the-tube order was bearing down. It's all no less fascinating in retrospect.

While we're on the subject of Mr. Miller, Kevin Jones takes him to task for a recent post at On the Square and, I think, does a good job of it.

On another front, Jeff Culbreath's wife is pregnant. He's happy, she's happy, and we're all happy for them. But I can't link to the post announcing the happy news because he's gone again. Correction: it's here.


TS said...

I'm finding Jeff's blog still accessible...

William Luse said...

Fixed. I clicked on it at another site and found nothing.