Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Few Links

I'm in a pretty good mood because yesterday I mowed the yard and then had pizza and beer. Those three things always go together. The pizza was homemade and yours wasn't. Then today I dug around in the dirt among the camphor roots, repairing a broken sprinkler pipe. This is about the third time. The camphor's coming down. It's a big beautiful thing and the squirrels and birds love it, but I have a chainsaw and no conscience. The beer tasted good after digging, too. After I cut the tree down it'll taste good one more time.

Let's get started, shall we?

Update: just found these two at Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: one goes after a WaPo columnist named Susan Jacoby. I remember her from an anthology I was forced to teach out of. Her mind moved in a circle of clichés then and still does. The other reports on a Twin cities symposium sponsored by New Ways Ministry - a gay and lesbian 'Catholic' group trying to figure out where they fit in by seeking acceptance of the same old ways.

TSO had to change his parody blog's address, but that didn't stop him from committing some at his regular place.

Dom Bettinelli and his wife (scroll to Mar. 10th) need your prayers.

Tom Fitzpatrick has some advice for the Pope (in all due respect, of course).

Erik Keilholtz has a really good camera.

Sparki needs prayers for her husband and for Dads in general.

Susan, of Lilac Rose, hadn't been feeling quite right of late, and tells her story. Does the word Paxil mean anything to you?

Ellyn vonHuben has cute kids. She also lets Oprah in on a secret.

Chris has cute kids, too. Except his are boys, and thus less likely to stay that way.

Need something to read for Lent? Lane Core's got it.

The Inn at the End of the World is banned in China. I always knew he was subversive.

Elena takes semi-Catholic Shawn (Shaun? Sean?) Hannity to task, but her page takes so long to load, I didn't have the patience to go back and get the link. You can get it from TSO. Which is where I got it. So you don't have to go there after all. TSO's, I mean.

Over at the quiescent In Dwelling, I found this fun-to-read bit of middle-aged nostalgia, which transpires in "The Land of Sandra Dee."

Sort of off-the-wall: this girl puts up a post complaining about a lack of comments:

why doesnt anybody respond?
hey i am just aS GOOD AS ANYONE here so why must nobody respond to my posts ?????????????????????????????????

0 comments. In her next post:

does anyone have a comment?i am very stressed out my parents were just divorce my brother is taking drugs and my mom just found out that my 2 year old cousin is deaf. what should i do to get my mind off of this

Um-hmm. 7 comments. Problem is, 5 are spam, one was deleted, and the other's from a predator. One of the spammers signed in as Kevin Jones. Nah. Couldn't be.

If you liked my Scientheology post (no link provided because not enough of you liked it. Scroll, baby, scroll) you might also like Lawrence Auster's post in which he links to, in fact reproduces, a Peter Steinfels NY Times article, which explains that people like me aren't the only ones going after the Dawkins, Dennett, Harris types. The atheists are after them too.

While we're on the subject, we have another highly naturally selected post from Kevin Jones, who points us to an article discussing the closeness between Darwinism and some of its descendants, in this case the Social version. The connection is no accident.

Narwen's been quiet. The last two comments on her last post were made by TSO and me, something about drinking (big surprise). Hope we weren't the cause.

Some good posts by Steve Burton at RR (all links within should be followed and read, comments too), with Ed Feser supplying an amusing followup to the second.

And finally, an old acquaintance has returned to blogging, with an apparently slightly different focus. He has only one blog on his blogroll, and it ain't mine. Can you call it a blogroll if it has only one? A blogroll has to roll, doesn't it? It's a sorities paradox. How many blogs have to be on your roll before you can call it a blogroll? Hat tip to TSO, who's not on it either.

Is that enough for now?


Chris said...

Hooo boy, you're in trouble once my wife sees this.

mama-lu said...

excuse me, but my boys happen to be spitting images of their father who happens to be still very cute. so keep your daughters under lock and key, those eyes will *always* be irresistable.

TS said...

"yesterday I mowed the yard"

Sigh. I miss that, after so cold and snowy a February. Maybe by May...

As you're not there either, I can see I'm in fine company in not being on Jeff's (anti-)blogroll. I shan't complain.

William Luse said...

mama-lu, I'm not qualified to say whether your husband is cute or not. I wouldn't even if I could. Don't know how he'd take it. You're biased, but I'll take your word for it. My daughters are 23 and 25 respectively, but they would definitely think your boys are cute.

TS, I'm glad to be excluded along with you any day of the week.

Chris said...

Ha! I appreciate your silence on my looks.

I also want to publicly proclaim that though I did rat Bill out to my wife and encourage her to respond, I in no way influenced the content of her reponse (except apparently by being "very cute"). I was, however, standing behind her cheering her on.

William Luse said...

Sure, Chris, sure. I figure it went something like this: "Okay, sweetheart, I'll dictate and you write."

Ellyn said...

Camphor grows? Whaddya know!!! (And I'm in charge of my children's education!?!)

Thanks for the compliment on the kids...the are pretty cute. There must be some recessive genes or something since the paternal units are not particularly notable. :)

William Luse said...

Yeah? Are the kids as funny, witty and allround intelligent as Mom?

MamaT said...

No, it wasn't enough, 'cause we weren't on it.....

Just kidding!

William Luse said...

I don't know how that could have happened. It was a completely unforeseen oversight. I'll make it up to you somehow.

TS said...

Narwen's still quiet. I'd have thunk your post might draw her out.

Say like Elmer Fudd: "Be vedy, vedy quiet...we're wunting donnas!"

Maybe if we got her drunk...(just a joke - please no emails from innocent onlookers).

William Luse said...

I think she might be having health issues, but don't know.

TS said...

Ouch, good point.

Susan B. said...


I just wanted to belatedly thank you for the link. I'm still struggling with the whole Paxil thing, but I know things will eventually get better.