Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Thought: The Groundhog Day Storm, 2007

That's what they're calling it. The storm came through a few nights ago in the wee hours. I guess a lot of those people were awakened by the trump of doom, and others probably never woke up at all. Now I lay me down to sleep... 20 are now dead. A few of the sights:

The Lady Lake Church of God:

A couple of the victims:

Danny Dowling, 15, one of three triplets. His sisters survived. His Mom and Dad perished

Brittany May, 17. She wanted "to become a doctor or nurse specializing in pediatrics":

A complete photo gallery from Lake and Volusia counties can be found in the margin on this page.


Peony Moss said...

Glad to hear you're okay.

Elena said...

Me too!

alicia said...

was thinking about you when I heard the news - you and Mr. Riddle.
glad to see that you made it through ok.

William Luse said...

The path of destruction was a few miles north of here. But the weird weather woke me up. I recognized the sound and feel of it from a tornado storm that tore through Gainesville back in the 80's. You never forget it, but it's hard to describe.