Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Paul Cella... TCS, considers how we might lure the enemy into the open; and at his own place, contemplates the numbing, flattening, amoral heart of the diversity doctrine:

I work with a considerable number of bright young women, blessed with that wonderful accent of the American South, who outlay large amounts of time and money to obliterate it — through speech classes and the like. It is a deliberate dispossession in the service of stultifying sameness.[that had damned well better not happen]

Capitalism [as opposed to free enterprise] is as much to blame for this as Socialism. It is Capitalism, after all, that inflicts upon us all a mass culture that is fundamentally pornographic and often simply vile. During last Sunday’s football games, there had to be at least a half dozen lucid commercials for these preposterous horror films — films, I’m told, that are among the most reliably profitable of any genre — that made me grateful my girls were playing in the other room. In short it is not government; it is not Leftism; it is Capitalism that has made even a football broadcast untrustworthy...It...lubricates the skids toward a centralized uniformity.

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