Monday, May 15, 2006


On "Dying Quietly" - an important post by Lydia McGrew at Enchiridion, her scathing critique of a proposal by her Right Reason colleague, Roger Scruton, who is, I believe, a fairly prominent 'conservative' voice. Please read. And weep.


TS said...

There's nothing inherently religious in conservatism (if not for WFB, would not have American conservatism looked more Randian or anti-Semitic?) except for the accidental aspect of living off the spiritual capital of the past. That spiritual capital is eroding, especially in Europe, so I'm not surprised that a British conservative would reflect that abandoned capital.

That America is more religious than Europe seems odd given Terri Schiavo and 1.5 million abortions a year. But if that's true then the firewall against euthanasia has to come from American, not British, conservatives.

William Luse said...

You're right about everything. Sounds good to hear that, doesn't it?

I'm not that familiar with Scruton - maybe read a couple articles here or there, but don't remember where; I'd just always heard him spoken highly of by other conservatives. But the essential meaning of that word may be undergoing a change. After Buckley's performance during Terri's last days, nothing really surprises me anymore.